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8  Why Work With Us?                                                                         Compass Construction

 Why work

 with us?

 Complete design

 & build service

 We offer a full design and build service for all types
 of new builds, private client work and commercial
 projects. If you’ve appointed an architect, then
 we can work with them to help you achieve your
 building plans. If you haven’t chosen an architect,
 or if you know what you want to build, but are
 not sure where to start, we can help. We will
 recommend an architect to use and can work
 with them to provide you with a design.

 Overall, our design and build offering is our
 commitment to be with you from initial
 consultation, right through to handover, and   Our service
 beyond, so you can take advantage of our
 expertise and contacts within the industry to  will include:  Exceptional           When the job is underway, we aim
 help ensure your building project is a success.                   to keep you informed throughout
              Customer Service                                     and provide careful project

 Expertly handled building   An initial consultation over the phone to discuss   management, so you will always
                                                                   be kept up to date on the progress
 what you want and where you are in the process
 preparation process  Our emphasis is on consistent quality, whether   of your contract.
              the job is large or small. If you decide to change
 A site visit and ‘walk through’  your instructions we can swiftly provide you with
 Getting your site ready for the build is an   an alternative budget, using our professional   You will be given a programme schedule of the
 essential fi rst step. One that can take years if not   estimating program to ensure our works are   build, showing a timeline from the fi rst day until
 managed properly. As a trusted Local Authority     Acquisition of planning permission, if needed  accurately priced. We include detailed reports   estimated completion. We pride ourselves on
 Building Control (LABC) partner, with many years   and a full written estimate, so you can see exactly   working to maintain timings as much as is feasible.
 experience in going through this process, we     Guidance through the required  what’s been allowed for and have clear, concise   All our builds are project managed by our Directors,
 are on hand to manage it for you, so that it is as   building regulations  information to further assist with the smooth   on site and in the offi  ce. They also take charge of
 seamless as possible.  running of your build, giving you peace of mind.  all health and safety management.
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